067 - Jonas Brothers & Karol G team up for "X"

TODAY: Jonas Brothers & Karol G team up for X – Billie Eilish produces new music during quarantine – The 100 official trailer for season 7 released – 13 Reasons Why gets a premiere date for season 4 – Sugar Fact (Doja Cat) – Daily quiz (Legacies) – Hottest Insta trends – Giveaway (iPhone 11)


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Jonas Brothers & Karol G team up for X

The Jonas Brothers announced that they would release a brand new single “X” on 15 May (Friday). The track is a joint collaboration with Colombian sensation Karol G.

The announcement was made on their official social media and was accompanied by the artwork showing a letter X. No more details except for the song’s title were given yesterday.

“X” was featured during the end credits of “Happiness Continue” concert film.

To support the release of a new single, the Jonas Brothers will take part in a virtual SiriusXM Hits 1 Celebrity Session. The event will be hosted by The Morning Mash Up. Nick, Joe and Kevin will interact with the audience consisting of frontline healthcare workers and their families.


Sugar Quiz

Legacies: which character was affected by black magic in season 2?

* Hope Mikaelson.
* Josie Saltzman.
* Landon Kirby.
* Lizzie Saltzman.

The correct answer will be delivered at the end of this issue!


News Bits

Billie Eilish produces new music during quarantine

Billie Eilish spends her quarantine and self-isolation time in a very productive way. The singer recently wrote a brand new song with brother Finneas. According to Billie, quarantine was exactly what they needed to come up with a new track.

“We've been in the 'stu,' which just means Finneas' basement, basically. We actually, we wrote a whole song in its entirety - an entire song, which is kind of rare for us. I really love it. It was like exactly what I needed to say when we wrote it,” says Billie about a new song.

The song – which title is yet to be revealed – captures the singer’s feelings during this difficult times and hopes for a better future. Billie encourages fans to see the bright side of the situation.

Billie Eilish and her dad Patrick O’Connell have a new project with Apple Music. They teamed up for “Dad & Me Radio” to explore different music genres and hold some discussions about their favourite music and artists.


The 100 official trailer for season 7 released

The long wait is finally over! The CW released the official trailer for the upcoming season 7 of “The 100.” This will be the last and final season of the beloved apocalyptic series.

While watching the trailer, viewers are warned of isolation madness and ensuing chaos. More information is also given about Hope and The Anomaly, a giant wormhole which can supposedly take the characters anywhere they want.

“That reveal is obviously mind-blowing. The fact that Hope is now in her early 20s, when three days ago she was a fetus, does begin to imply some things about the Anomaly and about where we're going,” admits executive producer Jason Rosenberg.

You can watch the trailer at the official CW YouTube website.

The final season of “The 100” will premiere at the CW on 20 May (Wednesday) at 8 P.M. ET/PT.


13 Reasons Why gets a premiere date for season 4

Netflix announced that the fourth and final season of “13 Reasons Why” will be released on the streaming platform on 5 June (Friday).

On May 11 (Monday), Netflix dropped an emotional video of the cast with behind-the-scenes footage. The clip also revealed the premiere date of the final season.

You can watch the video at the Netflix official YouTube website.

The fourth season of the series will show characters preparing for graduation. However, before they can finally say goodbye, they will need to keep a dangerous secret buried. They will face heart-breaking choices and this will impact their lives forever.

“13 Reasons Why” stars Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Miles Heizer, Grace Saif, Christian Navarro, Ross Butler and Devin Druid.


Sugar Fact

How did Doja Cat rise to fame?

Doja Cat is a known singer, rapper and songwriter now, but have you ever wondered what brought her recognition?

Doja expressed her interest in music and ballet since she was a child. In her youth, she was downloading beats from YouTube and started creating her own music.

She released her debut single “So High” on the streaming platform SoundCloud in 2013 and quickly rose to prominence. Consequently, she signed a recording deal with RCA Records. She released her debut EP “Purrr!” in 2014 which produced one more single “No Police.”

Doja Cat released her debut album “Amala” on 30 March 2018, but it failed to perform well on charts. The release was followed by her second album “Hot Pink” in 2019, which turned out to be a commercial success and peaked at no. 17 at the US Billboard 200.

The singer planned to embark on a tour and participate in Coachella, but this has been cancelled due to the on-going pandemic. However, Doja Cat continues working and creating new music, which confirms that she will have a place in the music industry for years to come.


Hottest Insta Trends

Top 1: Sofia Richie donates 100k shoes to frontline workers


Top 2: Nina Dobrev is stunning for Vogue



Top 3: Debby Ryan has a little sunshine…



Sugar Quiz Answer - Did You Get It Right?

Legacies: which character was affected by black magic in season 2?

Answer: Josie Saltzman.

In the course of season 2, Josie Saltzman was becoming more and more dependent on black magic. After the first attempts with this dangerous type of magic, Josie sacrificed herself to save her family and friends from a prison world.

Consequently, Josie was forced to absorb the enormous amount of black magic, which changed her completely as a person. The dark persona took advantage of her lack of self-confidence and preyed on this.

The real Josie was eventually found by Hope Mikaelson. With the help from Hope, Josie was able to take a stand and defeat her dark alter ego. This has, however, left Hope’s life hanging in the balance. Will Hope survive the journey to Josie’s mind and eventually wake up? Fans were left with a cliffhanger and need to wait until the premiere of season 3.



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